You've planned, let us execute...it's what we do.

Our coordination services are for couples planning their own wedding, who understand the need to pass the baton on the actual wedding day. We know all of the energy that goes into planning a event and we want the day to go as perfect as you imagined it. Our goal is to ensure that your plans are carried out as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.



Sydney Faye Events was started in 2016, a few months after I had a wedding of my own. After what seemed like a lifetime (but was really only a year) it was finally time for the big day. Everything had been carefully planned and laid out, all that was left was the execution. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up coordinating my own wedding. That's when I realized that even in a heavy lace wedding gown, with ten pounds of makeup on my face, I was kind of good at it. 

When I think back to the day, I think about how much easier everything would have been if I would have had someone I trusted there to implement all of those tiny little details. That's when I decided, I wanted to be that person for future brides to come. Thus, a few months later, Sydney Faye Events was born. 

Wedding planning is a long and love-laborious process. When the special day does finally come, the bride and groom should be able to sit back, relax, and, enjoy all of their efforts.

That's where SF Events steps in.





Even the couple that plans it all themselves will have questions here and there. "What time should we do the first dance?" "When does a bridal party usually give toasts?". SFE&C will be there to answer any questions and give our expert opinion of what we have seen work best from the time you book us, until the big day.

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We will aid in reviewing and/or developing your wedding timeline as well as be responsible for the distribution of the timeline to the vendor team.


Trust Sydney Faye Events & Coordination to take care of all your Wedding Venue Setup details from cat pictures to cozies, leave it us to take care of all of the personal touches of your special day.


We love our clients, and they love us too

Where to even begin! Jonathan and I are about to embark on our honeymoon, and we have been doing a lot of reflecting on how incredible our wedding day was; thanks in large part to all of the people who helped make it happen… Especially Sydney!

I have a very “Type-A” personality, and because of this was worried that, on the day of our wedding, I would be too wrapped up in the little details to fully enjoy the whole day. Thanks to Sydney, that wasn’t the case at all. She was five steps ahead in all directions for the entirety of our wedding day. From quickly teaching the band how to operate an iPod when it was time for our first dances to packing our limo with champagne and snacks, Sydney was an absolute joy to work with.

My biggest piece of advice to anyone planning a wedding... Get a day-of coordinator... And make sure it's Sydney! :)

Whitney & Jonathan Wilson

"The best wedding planning decision we made was to work with Sydney Faye E&C!  The minute she was on board, stress levels dropped and we knew we were in excellent hands.  We showed up for the wedding and were able to enjoy every minute and not worry about a single logistical thing - Sydney had it all covered.  She really went above and beyond and we can't imagine the day being so successful without her.  Seriously - as soon as you are engaged, hire Sydney!"

Melody Harmoud

"My husband and I envisioned our wedding to be simple, stress free, and classy. Hiring Sydney Faye E&C was the best decision we could have possibly made to make that happen. The day went incredibly smoothly with no hiccups or glitches. Sydney Faye E&C handled everything from calling the vendors, sorting out last minute surprises, to making sure I had veil and bouquet, and lipstick for photos. Her company was a true joy to work with and I cannot recommend Sydney FE&C enough!"

Krysta French

"Hiring Sydney was the best decision I made in regards to my wedding! I was not sure I needed a day of coordinator, but I am so glad that she was there. She covered everything, from setting up the tables, coordinating the music, keeping the night on schedule, and helping the photography. The night was completely seamless because of Sydney. She was on top of every detail, even when we changed the schedule last minute. I highly recommend Sydney! My wedding was perfect because of her!"

Gracie Erickson



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